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This course consists of:
• Online learning for Flu

Please note: If you are delivering Travel Vaccinations, you must ensure you have the appropriate knowledge relating to travel diseases and vaccinations. In order to access and complete the online Travel Health Training course, please register for an account at vip.valnevauk.com

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*If you require travel PGDs for more than one pharmacist, subsequent Travel PGDs via eTool are available for £239 (Inc VAT). We therefore recommend that you place a single order for Travel PGDs required to take account of this discount. Please complete the following details for each additional pharmacist requiring travel PGDs.

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We look forward to you joining us for the practical vaccination training. We understand that from time to time cancellations or schedule changes may occur, therefore please ensure you are familiar with our terms and conditions for this event:

Buttercups Training reserves the right to charge the full course fee in the following circumstances:

  • Late cancellations. All cancellations must be made in writing to vaccinations@buttercups.co.uk and must be received by Buttercups Training a minimum of ten working days prior to the event that you are due to attend
  • Non attendance at the event
  • Late arrival to the event. Please note this may result in incomplete training due to missed content / practical work. We recommend that you allow plenty of time to travel and aim to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. All sessions will start on time

Buttercups Training reserves the right to postpone any scheduled events. Every effort will be made to reschedule your event or to accommodate you at an alternative event. If you decide not to attend a rescheduled event, a refund will not be issued.

For Private PGD requests

If you have selected a Private PGD, you will be invoiced for this with the cost of your training course

By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to us sharing all relevant details with PharmaDoctor to enable them to contact you directly with details of your PGD(s).

PharmaDoctor will only be instructed to provide your PGD(s) when we are in receipt of full payment for the PGD(s) requested

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Under UK and European Data Protection legislation, data from which living individuals can be identified are classed as 'personal data'. The handling of personal data has to comply with legal requirements covering such things as the way in which this information is acquired, how it is processed and the extent to which it is disclosed or transferred to others. Buttercups Training needs to store data about you and your course progress. The data you provide on this form will be used by Buttercups Training for administrative and statistical purposes. By submitting your personal data you are giving your consent for it to be used for these purposes. It will be used in accordance with the relevant legislation, including the Data Protection Act 1998. If you have any questions about the use of the data collected here or other personal information, please contact Buttercups Training on 0115 937 4936.

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