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Pandemic Training for Additional Staff to Support Pharmacy Services

The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has added additional strain to a pharmacy workforce that is already under a great deal of pressure.  As such, Buttercups Training would like to offer this free short course, designed to enable non-pharmacy trained staff to provide temporary support to pharmacy teams.

The content of the short course includes an overview of COVID-19 and its symptoms, alongside the information required to perform basic functions as designated by the responsible pharmacist.  This includes taking in and handing out prescriptions, taking payment for prescription charges and the pharmacist referral process.  There is a strong emphasis on the learner recognising the limits of their role, seeking guidance from regular pharmacy staff whenever this is required and ensuring that the SOPs for any tasks they are required to undertake are read thoroughly. 

This short course is not accredited by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) but has been developed in its knowledge, where it is recognised that there may be a need for additional support during the COVID-19 period. 

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This short course is free to use by all pharmacy stakeholders, but is under copyright.  The content of this short course must not be altered or commercially reproduced without written approval by Buttercups Training Ltd.