For general guidance on Apprenticeships, your first point of call should be the government website

The following Buttercups blogs help explain the changes to Apprenticeships which came into place from 1st May 2017:

The latest Apprenticeship Funding Rules, including the Funding Rules for Employers, can be found following this link:

If you are interested in recruiting an apprentice, Buttercups can assist you with getting an advert up on the Apprenticeship Vacancies website. If you would like to advertise an apprenticeship or vacancy, please send an email containing details about the apprenticeship / vacancy to Buttercups Training at

If you are learner looking for an Apprenticeship in pharmacy placement, please follow this link  which will enable you to search for Apprenticeship vacancies within your area

You may be eligible to apply for an AGE 16 to 24 Apprenticeship grant to assist in recruiting your first apprentice.

The AGE 16 to 24 year olds is aimed at helping eligible employers to offer young people employment through the Apprenticeship programme, by providing grants to assist employers in recruiting their first apprentice.

The National Apprenticeship Service will provide grants to eligible small medium sized employers recruiting 16 to 24 year olds with a value of £1,500 to encourage new employers to take on new apprentices. The grant is not guaranteed but when recruiting an apprentice Buttercups can assist with getting an application for the grant in place. We do request that you make your interest in the AGE grant clear on any Application Packs you submit to us.

Please follow this link  to the Government website for full details

Please note that the following regions of the country have their own grant systems in place; these differ from the National AGE grant. For information regarding the grants available for businesses in these regions, please see the government website link above which signposts you to the relevant websites.

  • West Yorkshire and York
  • South Yorkshire
  • Greater Manchester