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Annual Flu Vaccination Refresher Training

The Annual Flu Vaccination Refresher Training is an online course developed to refresh your knowledge of Flu and vaccinations. The training aims to:

  • Ensure that you are up to date with any changes in relation to vaccinations enabling you to give the right information and advice to patients
  • Refresh your knowledge of vaccination technique, anaphylaxis and administration of Basic Life Support
Course Details
Online Course Cost
£20 (Exc VAT)
Course Category
  • Online assessment following completion of the online learning
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Important Update

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, Public Health England have confirmed that anyone who has undertaken face to face vaccination training before and is due to undertake face-to-face training this year, can delay the face-to -face training until next year. Pharmacists that are looking to refresh their flu vaccination training can enrol onto the annual flu refresher course for online training this year

Buttercups Annual Flu Vaccination Refresher Training is designed for pharmacists who have completed practical training for injection technique, anaphylaxis and basic life support within the last 12 months and now require annual update training as recommended by Public Health England.

In line with national minimum standards and core curriculum for immunisation training for registered healthcare practitioners, the course has been designed to provide you with knowledge of flu and flu vaccinations, and includes the following components:

Course Features
Current issues in vaccination
Any changes to legislation relevant to vaccination
Epidemiology of vaccine preventable disease
Any changes to vaccine recommendation or national policy
Update on vaccine ordering, storage and administration
Injection technique (Intramuscular & subcutaneous routes of administration)
Anaphylaxis recognition and management & Basic Life Support