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Dispensing Academy Technical Certificate Equivalent Packages

The Dispensing Academy (Technical Certificate Equivalent) is designed primarily for Dispensing Assistants, who are interested in furthering their Continuing Professional Development but who are not ready to commit or are unable to complete the Pharmacy Technician Training Programme.

Course Details
Online Course Cost
Please see pricing table for details
Paper Course Cost
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Course Category
Accredited by
The content of this course is accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Entry Criteria

Qualified Dispensing Assistants

Membership of the Dispensing Academy is free and gives the learner access to a variety of online courses issued in a unit form. Multiple choice questions and assignments are returned to Buttercups Training for assessment or completed online. If the learner chooses to complete a multiple choice assessment online, they will receive immediate feedback on completion of the test. All units can be purchased separately.

Pricing Table

Unit Title Predicted study time in hours Assessment method Order code Online price (Exc. VAT) Paper-based price (Exc. VAT)
Dispensing and the supply of medicines 30 Assignment L3Mod01 £50 £62
Pharmacy law, ethics and practice 60 Assignment L3Mod02 £55 £67
Chemical principles for pharmacy technicians 30 Assignment L3Mod03 £50 £62
Biological principles in pharmacy 30 Assignment L3Mod04 £50 £62
Microbiology for pharmacy 30 Assignment L3Mod05 £50 £62
Human physiology 60 Assignment L3Mod06 £50 £62
Actions and uses of medicines 60 Assignment L3Mod07 £50 £62
Gastrointestinal and nutritional medicines 30 Assignment L3Mod08 £50 £62
Cardio-respiratory medicine 30 Assignment L3Mod09 £50 £62
Central nervous system medicines 30 Assignment L3Mod10 £50 £62
Infection and immunity 30 Assignment L3Mod11 £50 £62
Endocrine and genito-urinary medicine 30 Assignment L3Mod12 £50 £62
Malignant disease and musculoskeletal disorders 30 Assignment L3Mod13 £50 £62
Medicines for ears, eyes, nose and skin 30 Assignment L3Mod14 £50 £62
Communication in Pharmacy 30 Assignment L3Mod15 £50 £62
Professional development in pharmacy 30 Assignment L3Mod16 £50 £62
Community pharmacy practice 30 Assignment L3Mod17 £50 £62
Pharmaceutics 60 Assignment L3Mod18 £50 £62
Making medicines for pharmacy 60 Assignment L3Mod19 £50 £62