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Level 2 NVQ in Pharmacy Service Skills

This course develops confidence in the dispensary and provides in-depth knowledge and assessment of competence in meeting individuals’ needs, teamwork, health and safety. In addition optional units will assess other skills such as preparation and issuing of prescribed medicines, or the ordering, receipt and storage of pharmaceutical stock depending on which units are chosen. For further information on these choices see the course content section below.

Course Details
Course Cost
Course Category
12 Months

Course Overview

The competency units for the Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Pharmacy Service Skills provide Dispensing Assistants with skills regarding legal aspects and procedures within a dispensary. This course covers use of reference books, interpretation and validation of the prescription, law and ethics, the Drug Tariff, compliance and concordance and dispensing errors.

How is the Course Delivered?

All our courses are delivered by blended learning. This course benefits from a dedicated ePortfolio where learners can record accounts of real life working experiences to be witnessed by a workplace pharmacist or pharmacy technician and are then submitted for assessment to Buttercups Training.

Expert Witness

Access to an Expert Witness is required in order for a learner to undertake the course. Their role is to observe the learner in the workplace undertaking tasks required to demonstrate competency against various Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria within the Pharmacy Services Skills Programmes.

They are not responsible for assessing evidence against the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria. The evidence of competency provided by the Expert Witness observations is holistically assessed by the learner's allocated Assessor at Buttercups Training.

An expert witness must meet the requirements below to be eligible to undertake the role:

  • Registered Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician
  • Must be occupationally competent in areas that they are observing
  • Must complete a short induction with Buttercups - this will involve accessing reference materials via a dedicated website, and then taking a short on-line test