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Management for New Pharmacists

Effective management is essential to successfully deal with the challenges of the modern workplace. Whether you have been a manager for decades or days, in order to reach your full potential you need to be aware of what is expected of you and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Knowing this will allow you to continually develop your career.

Course Details
Online Course Cost
£325 (Exc VAT)
Paper Course Cost
£360 (Exc VAT)
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Entry Criteria

No previous experience necessary but you will need a team to manage

This course is available in different versions for new Pharmacists, and more experienced Pharmacists.

How Will This Course Benefit Me?

The Buttercups Management training provides the tools you will need to build a successful career as a great manager. You will learn to lead yourself, as well as your team.

How is the Course Delivered?

All our courses are delivered by blended learning. This course benefits from a dedicated website where learners can view and and download course materials and complete tests online with immediate feedback. Of course, you can still choose the paper-based version and submit homework by post if preferred.