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Motivational Interviewing

In December 2012 the Department of Health published a paper which identified a crucial role for pharmacy staff in optimising the use of medicines, reducing wastage and improving their efficacy. Key to this role is Motivational Interviewing.

Course Details
Online Course Cost
£60 Plus £30 Certification Cost (Exc VAT)
Course Category
Study Time
2 Weeks
Accredited by
The content of this course is accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

The Motivational Interviewing course builds on other Buttercups Training courses such as Understanding Health Improvement and Applied Health Improvement but is suitable for all pharmacy staff with opportunities to communicate with the public about their use of medicines.

This course will build on other courses that provide you with information about healthy lifestyles and will enhance your interviewing techniques with the public to encourage change to enhance their well-being.

This course is delivered as an e-learning programme and is accompanied by a printable workbook.

Additional Study Options

The workbook can also be used as a CPD activity and assessed in the workplace by the in-house health trainer, pharmacist or technician. If you let us know that this is your favoured option we'll give you access to the mentor's site for £40 (Exc VAT)

Alternatively you may want the workbook to be certificated and assessed by Buttercups. If this is your preferred option then let us know and we can arrange this for you (additional charge of £30 Exc VAT applies)

Course Content

This module gives you information about the method to make Motivational Interviewing useful and effective in your practice

How to promote and respond to it and how to turn ambivalence into change talk