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Pre-Registration The Full Works Package

Course Details
Online Course Cost
£798 (£665 + VAT)
  • 16 BNF Chapter Workbooks
  • 16 sets of exam-style questions
  • 4 clinical case studies
  • Over 100 online exam-style calculations
  • 7.5 hours of personal tutor support
Accredited by
The content of this course is accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Master all 16 chapters of the BNF with our 16 'Bitesized BNF' case study workbooks, 16 sets of exam-style questions and 4 clinical case studies whilst practising over 100 online timed exam-style calculations and completing online tutorials with our Ultimate Calculations package. With 7.5 hours of one-to-one dedicated time with your Buttercups pharmacist tutor, the 'Full Works' provides quality training and tailored support to optimise your preparation for the GPhC registration assessment.

Contact us directly within your course in order to arrange support from your Buttercups Pharmacist Tutor.