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Pre-Registration Pick 'N' Mix BNF Bundle

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£43 + VAT Per Package
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Let's face it - reading the BNF is hard work and it can be difficult to know how best to approach the chapters in a way that will prepare you well for the registration assessment.


BNF Pick 'n' Mix bundles are designed to get you using the texts in a more practical, engaging way. Choose your chapters and then work through fact-finding examples and case studies with your 'Bitesized BNF' workbook, test your knowledge with a set of exam-style questions (including 'resource pack' questions) and tackle any outstanding issues in your own personal webinar tutorial with a Buttercups pharmacist tutor.


Whether you're anxious about antibiotics, baffled by beta-blockers or confused by chemotherapy, our BNF Pick 'n' Mix bundles can help.


Contact us directly within your course in order to arrange support from your Buttercups Pharmacist Tutor.


Please allow two working days for enrolment and subsequent access to the online portal, the b-Hive.

Course Features
Take your pick of BNF Chapter and receive our 'Bitesized BNF' workbook, a set of 'exam-style' questions and a 30 minute problem solving webinar with a Buttercups tutor