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Underpinning Knowledge for Level 2 NVQ Pharmacy Service Skills (No GPhC Registrant Supervision)

This course develops confidence in the dispensary and provides in-depth knowledge to work safely, preparing and handling prescriptions and pharmacy stock as part of a team. In addition it introduces the concepts of person centred care, information and clinical governance and explores the services offered in the wider healthcare environment.

The Level 2 underpinning knowledge course provides trainees with the knowledge regarding legal aspects and procedures within a dispensary. This course covers use of reference books, interpretation and validation of the prescription, law and ethics, the Drug Tariff, compliance and concordance and dispensing errors.

All our courses are delivered by blended learning. This course benefits from a dedicated website where learners with internet access can download course materials and complete some assignments on-line with immediate feedback. The course consists of 10 modules. The assessment involves multiple choice questions for the underpinning knowledge modules.

Completion of this course alone does not meet the minimum requirements for training, as a dispensing assistant for the DSQS scheme, but it may be undertaken as part of a wider programme of study.

Course Content

Covers the key responsibilities with regards to health and safety, SOPs and safeguarding the public. Learners will understand the roles of the wider team and the importance of team work, and be introduced to effective communication and customer service.

This module teaches the knowledge and skills required to accept prescriptions presented to the dispensary and interpret the information on the prescription to ensure it is ready for dispensing.

This module introduces dispensary equipment, resources, calculations and abbreviations which underpin the dispensing processes required to dispense or label prescription items.

The module covers the practical processes and skills required to safely and hygienically dispense a prescription, including the checks each prescription will undergo.

Learners will understand how to order, receive, maintain and issue dispensary stock, along with any administrative tasks associated with these processes.

This module focuses on the additional legislation and procedures required for handling and dispensing controlled drugs safely.

This module teaches the knowledge and skills required to understand the role of the dispensing assistant in issuing prescriptions to patients and communicating effectively with patients regarding their dispensed medicines.

This module introduces the concept of clinical governance within dispensaries, including error monitoring, error reduction, audits, information governance, whistleblowing and quality payments.

Learners will understand importance of team work, including the wider multidisciplinary team, and develop communication skills and personal practice to deliver high quality care to patients.

This module explores the services offered by pharmacies and other healthcare providers, to improve patient access to medicines, screening, services and advice, and how the dispensing assistant can support the wider team with this.