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Vaccination Training (Full Practical & Online)

Buttercups Vaccination Training is designed for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who are new to administering vaccinations, or for those who are due their three-yearly face-to-face training for injection technique and basic life support.

If you wish to train to administer Covid-19 vaccines, then this course will cover your practical skills, however, you will need to:

  • Access e-LfH online modules for underpinning knowledge
  • Ensure you have legal authority to vaccinate, please click here for further information



Pharmacy technicians are currently able to administer vaccinations under Patient Specific Directions (PSD) but not under a Patient Group Direction (PGD). Further information can be found here

Course Details
Course Cost
£108 + VAT (Assessment Venue at Buttercups House)
Online Course + Face-to-face Assessment
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Covid-19 Update

Are you looking for training to support the NHS with Covid -19 Vaccination?

Our course will provide you with:

  • the required practical skills to administer an IM Injection
  • the requirements for anaphylaxis and basic life support training

Further information can be found HERE

Face-to-face Injection Technique and Basic Life Support Assessment

Dates for face-to-face Injection Technique and Basic Life Support Assessment Timeslots for face-to-face Assessment Assessment Venue
Sunday 4th Sept 10am-2pm Buttercups House Nottingham
Sunday 25th Sept 10am-2pm Buttercups House Nottingham
Sunday 9th October 10am-2pm Buttercups House Nottingham

In light of current circumstances and risks of COVID-19, Buttercups Training have adapted flu vaccination training to comply with the governments social distancing and hygiene measures. Training will involve an online underpinning knowledge course and face-to-face assessment with minimised contact and use of personal protective equipment. The online course must be completed before attending the assessment. Face-to-face assessments will take approximately 3.5 hours.


If there is no suitable date above or if you would like to organise group training for your company/colleagues please contact us at as alternative dates may be organised during the year.


Government guidance on self-isolation must be adhered to, please do not attend face-to-face assessments if you develop COVID-19 symptoms or have had in the past 14 days, or if you have been in contact or live with someone with COVID-19 symptoms, or if you have been contacted by NHS Test and Trace and told to self-isolate.


Disclaimer: Buttercups has the right the cancel/postpone any training dates if there is not sufficient number of people for the event to go ahead or if the government enforce strict lockdown measures again.

Important Update

During the Covid-19 situation, Public Health England delayed the need for face-to -face training however, the requirement for pharmacists to undertake this training on a three-yearly basis has now been reinstated. Therefore, anyone who last completed their training in 2019 will require training in 2022. Pharmacists that are looking to refresh their flu vaccination training can enrol onto the annual flu refresher course for online training.

Course Overview

Buttercups vaccination Training is designed for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who are new to delivering vaccinations, or for those pharmacists who are due their three yearly face to face training for injection technique and basic life support. Completed alongside the appropriate disease awareness training, this practical training will enable pharmacists to deliver both Flu and Travel vaccinations. As part of this course you have access to online training for flu. We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Voyager Medical ( which allows you to purchase your Private Patient Group Directions (PGDs) for both Flu and Travel vaccinations. You can order the required PGDs at the same time as enrolling onto one of our courses.

  • They are unthethered, meaning pharmacists can use the PGD in multiple locations.
  • They come with a 24/7 prescriber clinical support line
  • Access to risk assessment and SOP(s)

Private influenza PGD is available at a cost of £18 Inc. VAT. Travel core PGD package is available from Voyager medical. If you require underpinning knowledge for Travel vaccinations, this is included within the PGD package with Voyager Medical. Travel core PGD package access is £250pa based upon a minimum charge of £499 to the end user (inc VAT). *For more information about and the accompanying set of Travel PGDs, please click here. Current legislation permits PGDs to be used by specific healthcare professionals ONLY. For this reason, as a pharmacy technician, you will not be able to purchase a private PGD

Supervised Clinical Practice

In addition to completing comprehensive foundation Immunisation training, new immunisers should also have a period of supervised practice with a registered healthcare practitioner who is experienced, up to date and competent in immunisation.

You may also wish to consider supervised practice if a long duration of time has passed since you last delivered vaccinations to patients.

If you require support with supervised clinical practice, please contact us:

"I found the Buttercups flu vaccination training to be the most comprehensive and relevant package I've encountered to date, our Pharmacists were unanimous in praise of the Buttercups seasonal flu vaccination training"

Chris Skitterall - Head of Professional Services - Hollowood Chemists Ltd

"I found the Buttercups Flu training not only informative but enjoyable to. The bitesize modules help one digest the information in manageable amounts. The end of sections tests really help you prepare for the end assessment. I have nothing but praise for the course."

Kam Patel

"I have found that Buttercups provides a professional, personable and comprehensive seasonal flu vaccination training programme. All of our Pharmacists and Technicians enjoyed the sessions immensely, and have gained in confidence as well as knowledge."

Mo Kolia – Pharmacy Superintendent – Knights Pharmacy

Course Features
Intra-muscular, subcutaneous and intranasal injection technique
Basic life support (Adult and Paediatric), including use of a defibrillator
Anaphylaxis recognition and management
Use of adrenaline auto-injectors and drawing adrenaline from an ampoule
Face to face assessment following the completion of online learning
Practical assessment of injection technique and BLS during the workshop
Reconstitution of vaccines
Drawing up from multi-dose vials