Full Flu Vaccination Training

Type of Study
Online, Workshop
Public Health
Study Time
online course + half day workshop
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Please get in touch at training@buttercups.co.uk If you want to arrange on-site training for your pharmacists or If you would prefer alternative location(s) for external training

Course Overview

With demands on the NHS system at an all-time high, the opportunity to demonstrate how our network of Community Pharmacies can be part of the solution to the current NHS challenges has never been greater.

The introduction of the NHS seasonal Flu Vaccination Service as a nationally recognised service within the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework was a great example of showcasing what community pharmacies can deliver and how they can contribute towards the achievement of NHS targets. With nearly 600,000 influenza vaccinations delivered during 2015/16 and nearly a quarter of that number delivered in just over a three week period during 2016/17 campaign, community pharmacies have shown they can reach those clinically at risk of suffering from flu and hence provide preventative measures to protect individuals and communities. With Community Pharmacy providing convenience, accessibility and a relaxed environment, patients have welcomed the opportunity to receive their vaccination in a community pharmacy.

The Buttercups Full Flu Vaccination Training is designed for those pharmacists who are new to delivering vaccinations or those who are due for their two yearly face to face training for injection technique and basic life support.

How will this course benefit me?

The Full Flu Vaccination Training course has been developed to prepare you to deliver the NHS Flu Vaccination Service, the training aims to:

  • Build your confidence in intra-muscular and subcutaneous injection technique
  • Ensure you can deal with situations involving anaphylaxis and administration of Basic Life Support
  • Help you prepare to deliver the service

The Buttercups Full Flu Vaccination Training has been designed to:

  • Give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver flu vaccinations in line with National Minimum Standards & Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training
  • Deliver Face to face practical training which builds your confidence in injection technique and basic life support
  • Equip you with the underpinning knowledge relating to vaccinations, through our online learning

And most importantly, practical training is delivered by community pharmacists who are experienced in delivering vaccinations in community pharmacy together with our team of First Aid Instructors.

"I found the Buttercups flu vaccination training to be the most comprehensive and relevant package I've encountered to date, our Pharmacists were unanimous in praise of the Buttercups seasonal flu vaccination training"

Chris Skitterall - Head of Professional Services - Hollowood Chemists Ltd

"I found the Buttercups Flu training not only informative but enjoyable to. The bitesize modules help one digest the information in manageable amounts. The end of sections tests really help you prepare for the end assessment. I have nothing but praise for the course."

Kam Patel

The Course Content
In line with national minimum standards and core curriculum for immunisation training, the course has been designed to deliver the following components
Module 1
The aims of immunisation: national policy and schedules

Module 2
The immune system and how vaccines work

Module 3
Vaccine preventable diseases

Module 4
The different types of vaccines used and their composition

Module 5
Current issues and controversies regarding immunisation

Module 6
Communicating with patients and parents

Module 7
Legal aspects of vaccination

Module 8
Storage and handling of vaccine

Module 9
Correct administration of vaccines

Module 10
Documentation, record keeping and reporting

Module 11
Strategies for improving immunisation rates


Online assessment following completion of online programme.
Practical assessment of injection technique and Anaphylaxis / BLS during the workshop.
Certification of course completion will only be issued following completion of both components.