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Buttercups Launches New Website And Online Learning Platform (The b-Hive)

Today, we are finally officially releasing our new website, alongside a dedicated online learning platform we're calling the b-Hive.

The website has undergone a drastic makeover with the goal that it better represents us as a company and a training provider that focuses on online innovation in learning, and great user experience.

The new courses area should make it easy to find the right course for you. From this page you will see all our popular courses at the top, with a view of all courses below this. These can be filtered so you can narrow down on those courses that are only relevant to you.

Our programmes are put together by combining individual courses for career specific qualifications. This is where you'll find all our funded Apprenticeship programmes and information on funding in general.

Our company blog has become more deeply integrated into the site itself so it's now even easier to keep up to date with all the latest news from Buttercups and the rest of the pharmacy world.

We've also combined many previous career-related features from our old site into one dedicated 'Careers' section. Here you will find all the latest Buttercups vacancies, and our vacancy matching service which displays a map of all the available Apprenticeships, pre-registration places and general pharmacy vacancies currently advertised through us. If you're confused about the different pharmacy roles and where you should begin in your climb up the pharmacy career ladder, check out the 'career pathways and FAQs section'.


The b-Hive is the collective name for the range of learning tools that, over the next few months, will be integrated further and further together in order to deliver a seamless and vastly improved course experience.  

The first tool we are fully releasing today is the b-Hive dashboard. Through this portal you will be able to view all the courses you’re enrolled on, gain access to the course site itself, easily view your progress on each, change your contact details and receive course updates directly to your messages inbox. We have produced a range of videos to help you familiarise yourself with the new dashboard which you can view here.

The next tool we are due to release is the b-Hive Learn (course outline). We will eventually migrate all courses over to a b-Hive Learn site which delivers an ‘app’ like environment with integrated interactive activities, accessibility options and a smooth user experience on all devices (desktop PCs, mobiles and tablets). This is an exciting change which will focus less on delivering the course content through PDFs, but will instead take advantage of modern web technologies to enhance the way we can teach our content online, rather than replicating paper delivery models.

b-Hive Learn is not currently available for the majority of courses, so most learners will be directed back to their current PeTS course sites through the dashboard. However, the Buttercups development team are hard at work migrating courses over, so this will be released in full very soon.

If you have any questions or queries about the new website or the b-Hive, feel free to comment below, or send us a message via the contact form.

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