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Logging into the b-Hive


On the Buttercups new b-Hive learning platform we’ve made logging into your course much easier. This video will take you through the steps.

When you become enrolled onto a Buttercups course, the first notification you will get is your enrolment letter or email, which confirms your place on the course. This will be sent to the pharmacy address or email address you put on the enrolment forms.

Here is a typical example of what one of those enrolment emails will look like. Read the information carefully and pay particular note to this message. “system updates require 24 hours before enrolment takes affect”, this means that you should wait until the day after receiving this email before attempting to log in…

However, when you’re ready to go simply go to

On the website, click the ‘login’ link in the top right hand corner. Any of the links with the little user icon next to it will work…

Then enter the username and password that appears at the top of your enrolment letter or email

If you provided us with an email address on your enrolment form then you should be logged straight in, however, in this case Jackie Chan didn’t. To gain access to the b-Hive dashboard we now require an email address. This should be a personal email address that only you have access to, rather than a generic pharmacy address, as important and potentially confidential information may be sent here.

If you don’t already have an email address to use, there are plenty of free email address providers. We recommend checking out Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo.

After you’ve entered an email address into the textfield, you’re good to go. You should see a list of all the course you’re enrolled on as well as options to view your progress and edit your personal details. I provide a full tour in the next video.

But to access your course, simply click the course title

And there you go - Orlando Bloom has accessed his course.

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