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Online Enrolments Guide

Learner Account Verification

During the beginning of the enrolment process, the learner will be sent an initial email informing them that an account has been set up for them. The learner must first verify their account:

an example learner verification email

When the learner clicks on the link, they are taken to a verification page where they set the password on their account.

Online Enrolment Task Assignment (Learner)

Once the learner has verified their account, they will receive a second email which informs them that they have an enrolment task to complete:

online task assignment email

After clicking on the link, the learner will be taken to the enrolment form to complete.

They can also see that they have a task assignment from their Online Enrolments Portal page and would click ‘Review’ to complete the task.

Learner's task assignment

When the learner is completing the form, they must input the name and email address of their manager.

Manager's details to complete

Then sign in the signature field

Learner's signature field

Once the form is saved, it will then create a user account for the named manager and send an email notification to inform them.

The learner will initially see that there are no active tasks in their queue anymore.

No active tasks

Then once the manager has verified their account, they can see the enrolment is waiting for manager verification

Enrolment awaiting manager approval

Manager Account Verification

If the email address supplied by the learner does not already have an account, they will be sent an email asking them to verify their account, which follows the same process as ‘Learner Account Verification’ but for the manager.

Online Enrolment Task Assignment (Manager)

This again follows the same process as the task assignment for the learner and can see they have an active task to review an enrolment from their enrolment portal:

Enrolment assigned to the manager

The manager can then see all the detail of the learner and choose whether to confirm the enrolment or send back to the learner with questions.

If confirmed, the manager needs to fill out their details and either confirm that they will be acting as the learner’s supervisor, or whether they wish to nominate someone else within the branch.

If they confirm that they will be acting as the supervisor, the manager signs and submits the enrolment through to us at Buttercups. If they wish to nominate a different supervisor, the form passes to the nominated supervisor who will receive notification of this via the email address supplied by the manager.

The workflow of the form then goes through the same process with user account verification and online enrolment review. The supervisor can pass the form back to the manager with questions if required, otherwise they confirm that they are happy to act as the learner’s supervisor and the form is subsequently submitted to Buttercups.