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Pharmacy Technician Training Programme

The brand new Pharmacy Technician Training Programme enables learners, with relevant work experience, to apply for registration with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

This programme will equip learners with the clinical knowledge, confidence, practical and professional skills to practise as pharmacy technicians.

Course Details
Programme Course Cost
£3500 exc VAT
Course Category
24-30 months
Accredited by
The content of this course is accredited by the GPhC

This is the first programme on the market which meets the new GPhC Initial Education and Training Standards for Pharmacy Technicians.

Please read our programme information pack before enrolling.pttp-infopack Download course information pack

Learners in Northern Ireland

The Pharmacy Technician Training Programme is suitable for learners in Northern Ireland, as long as they work under the supervision of a Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (PSNI) registered pharmacist, or a General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) registered pharmacist or pharmacy technician.

The new programme is unlike any pharmacy technician programme you may have used before. All knowledge, skills and behaviours are taught and assessed in one holistic programme, rather than two separate courses.


Teaching material is delivered through blended learning, combining e-learning, virtual classrooms and videos. Learners are supported by an appointed Buttercups Training tutor and a workplace training supervisor. Learners will be provided with a tailored training plan to facilitate their progression on the programme.


To be eligible, learners must be employed pre-registration pharmacy technicians working for a minimum of 14 hours per week. Learners are required to have a designated workplace training supervisor (either a pharmacist or pharmacy technician) who will oversee the training and support the learner. Learners must be provided with a minimum of 10% of their working hours as protected development time.


Prior to commencing on the programme, learners are required to be screened to ensure they are suitable to embark on their pharmacy technician training. This will consist of academic, health and character checks. We cannot accept applications from self-funded learners. The employer is required to support this programme.


Workplace training supervisors will also be required to undergo a short training course prior to the learner being enrolled to help them understand their role in supporting learners.

Course Features
Successful completion with relevant experience will allow for registration as a pharmacy technician
Flexible learning activities including e-learning activities, virtual classrooms and expert patient videos
Interactive e-learning teaching platform containing case studies, embedded professional standards and hotspots
Tailored training plan
Comprehensive assessment portfolio including a Development Portfolio and Observed Structured Clinical Examinations