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New Website for 2019
We are committed to offering the latest approaches to blended learning delivery, integrated to deliver a seamless course experience. We are pleased to announce the release of our latest website.
Buttercups launches new Level 3 Pharmacy Technician Training Programme
To meet these future requirements, Buttercups’ Pre-Registration Pharmacy Technician Programme has been redesigned and rewritten to blend work and study, allowing learners to develop the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSB) they must demonstrate to meet the new standards.
Vaccination Training 2019
Despite financial setbacks and ongoing uncertainty across the sector, 2018 saw the community pharmacy network deliver over 1 million flu vaccinations within two months of the service going live.
Pharmacy Services Assistant Standard Release
Following approval of the level 2 standard, we are delighted to announce that we will begin delivering the pharmacy services assistant apprenticeship from the end of April 2019.
Off-the-job training
At Buttercups, we believe that when it is embraced, off-the-job training is a valuable part of an apprentice’s journey.
Our Values
We are a Buttercups Family
Safer Internet Day - 5th February 2019
It’s Safer Internet Day on the 5th February.
The Buttercups Family
For over 30 years, Buttercups has followed the same ideal that it started with: we are a Buttercups family; our staff are committed, respectful and loyal.
New Course Announcement
Pending confirmation of re-accreditation by the GPhC, we will shortly be releasing new versions of our support staff courses.
Buttercups Matrix Re-Accreditation
Buttercups has been matrix accredited for a number of years now, but a recent re-accreditation has provided a great opportunity to consider how important our advice and support services are.
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