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  • Vaccination Training for Covid-19

    We are receiving a large number of enquiries about vaccination training for individuals hoping to administer the new Covid-19 vaccines. As guidance is being updated and developed frequently, please ensure that you access the most up to date information available.

  • Vaccination training for pharmacy technicians

    Over the last few months there has been much discussion over the provision for pharmacy technicians to join the current healthcare professional workforce in administering Covid-19 and flu vaccines. The government consultation has been running over the last month and we expect the outcomes by the end of October 2020.


  • Pharmacist Support #ACTNow

    Over the last few weeks, the Pharmacist Support #ACTNow campaign has really promoted how important wellbeing is. Buttercups Training is incredibly proud partners of the Pharmacist Support #ACTNow campaign - #ACTNow:

  • Pre-registration Pharmacy Technician Training just £400!

    Given the impact of COVID, we want to ensure that pharmacy benefits from government funding as much as possible.  Apprenticeship funding is available in England for the latest pre-registration pharmacy technician training programme, the Pharmacy Technician (Integrated) standard.

  • Safer Internet Day – 11th February 2020
    It’s Safer Internet Day (SID) on the 11th February. SID takes place each February to encourage the safe and positive use of digital technology, particularly among children and young people.