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Introduction to Pharmacy

Are you are looking for your first job? Have you been out of work for a while and would like to start working in a pharmacy, or would you like a career change? The Introduction to Pharmacy course can provide a head-start to help you begin your pharmacy career.

Course Details
Online Course Cost
£15 (Exc VAT)
Course Category

This course contains information about different types of pharmacies and the services they offer. You will have access to sample training materials of courses that pharmacy support staff must study. The course provides information on developing employability skills to aid your job applications.

The course includes information about:

  • different types of pharmacy
  • pharmacy regulation
  • the role of the pharmacist and different members of the pharmacy team
  • services offered by pharmacies
  • the history of pharmacy
  • communication skills
  • finding work, including tips for writing your CV and advice about interviews
  • materials from our Medicines Counter Assistant and Dispensing Assistant courses.

On successful completion of the course, you will be able to print off a certificate of your achievement.

Course Content

Includes an introduction to the pharmacy profession covering the different roles of the pharmacy team, different sectors of pharmacy and a brief history of pharmacy.

Includes skills to help job-hunting such as where and how to look for a job, how to complete an application form, help with writing a CV and our top interview tips.

Includes information on employee rights together with the induction and training that you should expect to receive when starting work.