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Guidance on Apprenticeships

For general guidance on Apprenticeships, your first point of call should be the government website 

The following Buttercups blogs help explain the changes to Apprenticeships which came into place from 1st May 2017:

The latest Apprenticeship Funding Rules, including the Funding Rules for Employers, can be found following this link:

Levy-Paying Employers

Buttercups Training continues to have capacity for apprenticeship starts for all age groups (16+). Please contact us to discuss how you can make the best use of your levy pot.

Non-Levy-Paying (SME) Employers

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) have released access to funding for small and medium sized employers via the Digital Apprenticeship Service account. The current guidance states this funding will be available until Autumn 2020 and allows an employer to reserve funding for a maximum of 3 apprentices.

If you are interested in apprenticeships, please contact us by phone or email to for further information on how to start the process to access the funding through the Digital Apprenticeship Service system.

As always, we are able to offer non-funded programmes for the training needs of any learners. The following non-funded options are available for non-levy paying employers:

Apprenticeship programme Non-funded alternative 1
Level 2 Pharmacy Services Assistant Standard Dispensing Assistant Course (GPhC accredited and equivalent to level two)
Pharmacy Technician (Integrated) Pharmacy Technician Training Programme

Further information on these alternatives including costs and durations, can be accessed via the above links.

Advertising an Apprenticeship or Vacancy

If you are interested in recruiting an apprentice, Buttercups can assist you with getting an advert up on the Apprenticeship Vacancies website provided there is funding availability for your company. If you would like to advertise an apprenticeship or vacancy, please send an email containing details about the apprenticeship / vacancy to Buttercups Training at

If you are learner looking for an Apprenticeship in pharmacy placement, please follow this link  which will enable you to search for Apprenticeship vacancies within your area.

Enrolment onto an apprenticeship programme

As a training provider, to enrol any candidate onto an apprenticeship programme, we have ensure that the apprenticeship funding rules as set out by the Education and Skills Funding Agency are met. This involves an in-depth process and will usually take 6 - 8 weeks.

However, we are exceptionally busy at the moment, although we are working on increasing our capacity for apprenticeship programmes. Therefore, for new enquiries we are currently working on start dates up to 12 - 16 weeks away.

If you intend to recruit an apprentice it is best to let us know as soon as possible so we can secure a place for them to start prior to commencing the enrolment process.

Enrolment Process Overview

Stage 1: Initial Eligibility Check
Stage 2: Set Up Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS) account
Stage 3: Screening Course and Training for the Workplace Training Supervisor
Stage 4: Programme Enrolment Forms
Stage 5: Review Application for Suitability
Stage 6: Skills Scan Call
Stage 7: Agree Start Date and Finalise Enrolment
Stage 8: Confirm Enrolment on Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS) Account

Please note: this is the standard order for the enrolment process, however, depending on circumstances we may ask that certain activities are completed in a different order or in parallel.