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Mock Exam and Review 2024

For trainee pharmacists who are due to sit the GPhC Registration Assessment in Summer or Autumn 2024, Buttercups Training are providing the opportunity to access a comprehensive range of practice questions and review materials to help support your revision.

Course Details
Online Course Cost
£105 +VAT
Course Category
28 days ONLY from enrolment

We understand the pressures and challenges that trainees have felt during the last few years and as such have reworked our Mock Exam package to make it as simple and convenient for trainees as possible.

Entry Requirements

This course is open to anyone aiming to sit the GPhC registration assessment in Summer or Autumn of 2024 regardless of sector.
Note: Trainees who have completed/currently completing a Buttercups Trainee Pharmacist course should contact us prior to enrolment.

Course Overview

On enrolment, trainees will be provided with a unique username and password that will allow them access to their course via the Buttercups online b-Hive website for 28-days. During this time, trainees can complete the Buttercups Mock Exam (Papers 1 and 2) at a time of their choosing using our dedicated online TestZone platform, which has been designed to provide you with as realistic experience as possible. Once submitted, TestZone will mark your answers and provide you with your score instantly.


b-Hive is also where trainees will find access to a full set of answer and review videos for every question which can be watched/re-watched at any time convenient to them during their 28-day access pass. They will also be granted access to our mapping document, which details the areas of the framework each question sits in to help identify any gaps in knowledge and plan out future revision.


In order to enrol onto the Buttercups Mock Exam and Review 2024, please click the ‘enrol´ button.


Please note: allow up to two working days for enrolment and subsequent access to the online portal, the b-Hive. Your 28-day access will start the day you receive your enrolment memo containing your username and password.


If have any questions you wish to ask us, please email


Purchasing a 28-day access pass to your Mock Exam and Review Package allows you 28 days of access to the following content:

Course Features
Single online access to the Buttercups 2024 Mock Exam (40-question Paper 1 and 120-question Paper 2) to be sat under timed conditions at a time of your choosing
Automatic marking = Instant Results
In-depth answer videos for every question that can be watched, paused, rewound or rewatched as many times and at whatever time is convenient for you within your 28-day access.
Mapped Framework for each exam