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Understanding Mental Wellbeing

With 1 in 4 adults experiencing a mental health problem in any given year at a cost to the UK economy of an estimated £105 billion, taking steps to understand what factors have a negative impact on mental wellbeing should be a priority for employers and employees alike.

Course Details
Online Course Cost
£27 + VAT
Course Category
Suggested 4-6 learning hours

Understanding Mental Wellbeing helps to create awareness of mental health and explores the impact of positive mental wellbeing on individuals and teams. The course gives practical advice on identifying the signs that may indicate poor mental wellbeing whilst providing tools to overcome these and encourage more openness about mental health.

How will this course benefit me?

The course has been developed with the objective of raising awareness of mental health, creating understanding of how mental wellbeing affects health and teaching techniques to identify and improve poor mental wellbeing. The course will benefit:

  • Organisations looking to create a mental wellbeing strategy
  • Employers wishing to raise awareness and improve mental wellbeing amongst their staff
  • Individuals who want to learn how to improve mental wellbeing for themselves and others
  • People in public-facing roles who wish to address mental health issues in their local community
Course Features
4 short end-of-module tests
Online certification
An online, multiple-choice test consisting of 20 questions for which the pass mark is 70%
Course Content

How do we know if a person is healthy or not? How do we define good health and what is the difference between mental health and mental wellbeing? This module helps you to understand common terminology and to examine the burden of mental health problems at a local and national level.

The mind and body are linked much more closely than many of us realise. In this module you will learn how the functioning of the brain and the mind and body are thought to affect our mental wellbeing. You will also explore the importance of such concepts as resilience, self-awareness and emotional intelligence and learn how these affect us as individuals.

Having identified the factors which determine our level of mental wellbeing, in this module you will learn practical techniques including Five Ways to Wellbeing and methods to identify and reduce stress. This section also considers lifestyle factors that influence mental wellbeing and strategies for dealing with a mental health crisis.

Understanding the reasons why the workplace can lead to mental health problems will help you to identify how improvements at work can create benefits for you and your colleagues. This module gives practical advice to employers and employees and provides key resources and contacts to help create a mental wellbeing strategy.