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COVID-19: Our Response

We are privileged to support pharmacy, which has shown incredible resilience throughout the pandemic.

A Big Thank You from Buttercups Training
We know that you are doing truly fabulous things at the moment, facing unprecedented, difficult circumstances to support your colleagues, patients and communities.
COVID-19: Our Response

As of 20th March 2020, 100% of our workforce has the capability to work from home.

Pandemic Training for Additional Staff to Support Pharmacy Services

The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has added additional strain to a pharmacy workforce that is already under a great d

COVID-19 Update - Message from Buttercups Training’s Managing Director, Vanessa Kingsbury
On behalf of everyone at Buttercups Training, I want to ensure you that your patients and staff in training are at the heart of all we do. I commit to you that our continued actions will be responsible, clear and adaptive to the ever-changing situation.
COVID-19 Business Update
As of 13th March 2020, 73% of our workforce has the capability to work from home. Our updated business continuity plan details our response to maintain the core functions of Buttercups Training during any pandemic action plan, or in the event of any other calamity.
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