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Buttercups Excellence Awards 2018 - The Winners

We were blown away by the calibre of the nominations we received for our Excellence Awards 2018. Our judges were privileged to read so many accounts of people going above and beyond to make enormous contributions to their colleagues, patients and communities. It was a real pleasure to meet our finalists on the night and share in celebration of them and our industry.

Mentor of the Year - Felicity Wolton - Boots

It was gratifying to see so many learners take the time to tell us how much they value the support of their mentors in the workplace and the loyalty to their organisations that this has inspired. Felicity was nominated by her colleagues for the limitless support and belief she offers in her role as a mentor, despite working in an incredibly busy pharmacy. Felicity ensures that her learners receive protected study time and the necessary resources and unreserved advice and support needed to qualify. The judges were impressed by the trust that Felicity's colleagues have in her teaching and the support she would provide no matter the situation. The lessons learned under Felicity are now being used by the wider team to support new learners coming through the pharmacy.

Health Champion of the Year - Claire Goldsmith – Tesco

Claire’s work promoting health improvement in her community is inspiring.  Claire was instrumental in setting up a contract in conjunction with Wokingham Borough Council and Health Diagnostics to support the public health team.  Claire supported the Wokingham Borough Council Public Health Team and local community by doing offsite health checks as part of their ‘Celebrating Age campaign’, whilst also setting up packs and distributed these to local businesses explaining the criteria for NHS Health Checks and the benefits for staff in providing the service.  The team coordinated coffee mornings on local council estates discussing health concerns around medications and promoting a healthy lifestyle.  Claire has been involved in pilots for NHS Health Checks, Dementia Friends and various vaccination services.  In her role as an HLP trainer, Claire is responsible for the education and training of future health champions.

Pre-registration Pharmacist of the Year - Chloe Atkinson – NHS

“Chloe has been an inspiration to the whole pharmacy team with her dedication to develop and drive extended pharmacy services, whilst consistently communicating with empathy and professionalism” - the opening of Chloe’s application captivated our panel immediately.  Reading about Chloe’s triumphs in her relatively short career - including rejuvenated MUR and NMS through marketing and patient engagement and facilitated an external flu vaccination service to the local CCG - impressed the panel to award her with the Pre-registration Pharmacist of the Year award.  Chloe has delivered training for care staff, managers and nurses and has attended a host of other training events and external organisations.  Claire was commended by Buttercups tutors throughout her training.


Hannah was nominated by her tutors at Buttercups for her incredible achievements whilst training as a pre-registration pharmacy technician.  Hannah achieved a double distinction despite facing some significant challenges.  What we admired was Hannah’s determination to stretch herself, even requesting further work when she got ahead in her studies.  Despite a change in workplace whilst completing her programme nothing seemed to impact on her studies.  Every review was positive and Hannah was always on track - a perfect learner!

Healthcare Assistant of the Year - Selene Usai – NHS

It could be said that Selene was the catalyst for the Excellence Awards.  Selene’s pharmacist contacted us, delighted with her progress, her contribution to the department and the results she achieved.  Selene demonstrated a tenacious, can-do attitude despite the oftentimes challenging nature of juggling studying and working in her hospital.  Selene is a very worthy winner of Healthcare Assistant of the Year. 

Apprentice of the Year - Natasha Newman – NHS

Natasha didn’t have the smoothest start with her apprenticeship, but her determination to pursue her career in pharmacy enabled her to succeed.  Natasha was an exemplary learner who impressed everyone she came into contact with.  Natasha knew where her qualification as a pharmacy technician could take her and has secured the opportunity for further training and career development since qualifying.  Natasha is a prime example of what the apprenticeship programme is all about – a committed learner with a dream who is now a registered professional with a bright future ahead of her.

Outstanding Contribution to Pharmacy Education - David Evans

In recognising the achievements and determination of our learners and mentors, we must also look to those that have been committed to the improvement of pharmacy throughout their entire careers.  David has always been a champion for training – in his own organisation and across all sectors.  A tireless and tenacious committee member with the courage and determination to shape pharmacy training and advocate the use of government funding whenever it’s available.  The Chair of the Trailblazer group of employers creating the new standards for pharmacy education he has kept a large group of diverse employers together through a landscape of ever-changing policy.  Generous with his time and the master of detail he’s been an ambassador for training for over 20 years and it was our honour to present David with our Outstanding Contribution to Pharmacy Education award."

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