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The last year has been an incredibly difficult year apprentices working in pharmacy, and yet pharmacy and apprentices across the country have pulled together and delivered outstanding support to patients, colleagues and their wider communities. Apprentices have shown great resilience and dedication, offering their time and ever-growing expertise to support the COVID response wherever they can, and in doing so shown that the future is in safe hands. Pharmacy apprentices working in the NHS, community and general practice are helping to #BuildTheFuture. The work that our apprentices have done over the last year has supported our team at Buttercups, along with our families and friends, and for that we are forever thankful.


Pharmacy can be a stressful profession to work in, but the additional pressures of the pandemic have left us all vulnerable to the effects of stress, anxiety or maybe even serious mental health difficulties. Buttercups is dedicated to welfare and our apprentices have access to our Understanding Mental Wellbeing course. This course can help apprentices identify what poor mental wellbeing can look like and provides practical tips and advice to help ensure a healthy, resilient profession.


Buttercups is proud to support #NAW2021 and celebrate the amazing work of apprentices.

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