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Vaccination Training for Covid-19

We are receiving a large number of enquiries about vaccination training for individuals hoping to administer the new Covid-19 vaccines. As guidance is being updated and developed frequently, please ensure that you access the most up to date information available.

Public Health England (PHE) has produced a Covid-19 Vaccinator Competency Assessment Tool which outlines the knowledge and core clinical skills required and processes and procedures that will need to be followed. It also outlines the supervision requirements for those new to administering immunisations. All new immunisers, and those returning to immunisation after a prolonged interval, must complete this tool to receive formal evaluation and sign-off of their clinical competency. Experienced vaccinators should use the tool to self-assess and document their competency.

The PHE Covid-19 Vaccinator Competency Assessment Tool can be found HERE

PHE have produced a useful resource for healthcare practitioners on the Covid-19 vaccination programme and it can be found HERE


How can Buttercups help?

Registered healthcare professionals, for example pharmacists, nurses, doctor, dentists and physiotherapists, through our vaccination training course, can be provided with the practical skills required to administer the Covid-19 vaccines including:

  • administering an intramuscular (IM) Injection
  • anaphylaxis and basic life support training
  • essential knowledge relating to safe handling, storage and disposal of vaccines


Registered pharmacy technicians can also complete our vaccination training course however, they cannot administer vaccines under a Patient Group Direction (PGD).


Pre-registration pharmacists and healthcare support workers (HCSW) can complete our HCSW vaccination training course to acquire the practical skills required for the PHE Covid-19 Vaccinator Competency Assessment Tool and may therefore be used alongside appropriate supervision and assessment. This must be provided by a clinical supervisor who must be a registered, appropriately trained, experienced and knowledgeable practitioner in immunisation.

All those who wish to be involved in supporting the Covid-19 vaccination programme will be required to provide evidence of completion of the Covid-19 vaccine e-learning programme on the NHS learning portal, e-Learning for Health, to evidence the relevant underpinning knowledge.


Legal mechanism for administration of the Covid-19 vaccines
If you have undertaken the relevant training then you can administer the Covid-19 vaccine if the correct legal authority is in place.

As the vaccine is a prescription only medicine (POM) it cannot be administered or supplied to patients unless one of four types of instruction is in place:

a) a signed Prescription
b) a signed Patient Specific Direction (PSD)
c) a Patient Group Direction (PGD)
d) a National protocol (applies to influenza and Covid-19 vaccines only)


Further information about the legal mechanism for administration of the Covid-19 vaccines can be found HERE


Additional information for pharmacy professionals

For pharmacy professionals wishing to support the Covid-19 vaccination programme, additional resources can be found on the GPhC and PSNC website.

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