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Vanessa Kingsbury is Made Founding Patron & Advisor to The Cancer Platform from The Cancer Awareness Trust

Vanessa, the founder of Buttercups Training, has become a founding patron of The Cancer Awareness Trust. The Cancer Awareness Trust is a relatively young charity working on a groundbreaking movement to change cancer outcomes globally. Its goal is the creation of The Cancer Platform - a worlds-first resource designed to help people access trusted cancer information swiftly and efficiently.

The charity was founded by philanthropist Sir Chris Evans, with the goal of bringing together experts in technology and cancer from around the world. Vanessa and Buttercups Training, as founding patrons, represent the top tier of the charity’s supporters, helping to shape the platform, providing the resources to do so and working alongside the charity as friends, connectors, and backers.

The Cancer Platform will benefit greatly from Vanessa’s experience and leadership, supported by the knowledge and skill of Buttercups Training. Our learners, the organisations we work with, colleagues and friends comprise a broad spectrum of healthcare professionals who will surely play a key role in delivering The Cancer Platform, making Vanessa's involvement all the more significant.

Sir Chris Evans is delighted about Vanessa’s involvement, “Vanessa is a fantastic addition to our charity...Our UK strategy will hugely benefit from Vanessa’s expert input – the wider workforce are super important to our mission and Vanessa can help us greatly with our strategy on this! Welcome to the team, Vanessa.”

As we approach winter 2023, The Cancer Awareness Trust is gearing up to launch its first iteration of the platform in the UK, so you are likely to see more about this in the news over the coming months. Buttercups Training takes immense pride in knowing that our founder, Vanessa, will be playing a pivotal role in this revolutionary project.

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