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Accessing Your Course


In the majority of cases, the next thing you’ll want to do after logging in is actually access your course.

As we’re gradually migrating all of our course sites onto the b-Hive this process is slightly different depending on the course.

So lets take a quick look at Paris Hilton.

Two courses that she’s currently taking is the Level 2 RSPH Award in Understanding Dementia, and the Level 3 Technical Certificate in Pharmaceutical Science

Below each of the course titles, there’s also a course code, which you can use when corresponding with us, or reporting any errors.

To access your course, click on the course title.

For the majority of those watching, the course itself will still use the previous website, so when you click the course title you’ll be redirected back to here.

For example, if I try to access the Level 3 Technical Certificate, I’m brought to a screen which lists the different versions of this course. I happen to know that Paris Hilton is on version 4 of this course, and her course code is a clue to this too. So I click the link, enter the same login details as before and continue to use the previous course site.

However, if your course site has been transferred over already – life is a bit simpler. Simply click the course title, and away you go. I’ll be providing a full tour of the new look course sites in the video ‘Navigating around your course’.

We’ll be updating all our courses over the coming months, so eventually the only thing you’ll need to do to access your course, is click the course title.

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