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Dashboard Tour - Achievement Badges
An upcoming feature for the b-Hive. Watch this video to get a first look!
Dashboard Tour - View Messages
A short video which introduces the messages inbox
Dashboard Tour - Edit Profile
This video showcases how to edit your contact details, and submit a form to let us know when you've changed your name or place of work.
Dashboard Tour - View Progress and Reporting a Problem
This video takes you on a quick tour of the dashboard, then goes into detail on how to view your progress, and report any inconsistencies that may arise.
Accessing Your Course
In the majority of cases, the next thing you’ll want to do after logging in is actually access your course. This video will take you through how to do that.
Logging into the b-Hive
On the Buttercups new b-Hive learning platform we’ve made logging into your course much easier. This video will take you through the steps.
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