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Dashboard Tour - View Progress and Reporting a Problem


So let’s go on a quick tour of the dashboard to see what you can do here.

The ‘Network’ tab displays the different systems that are connected to the dashboard. Currently there are none there, but we’ll be adding new features in the future.

The ‘User’ tab will display your username, and opening this up will show you the link to log out of, and also log into the dashboard – if you’ve bookmarked the link to here directly.

The ‘Help’ menu icon will direct you to a short contact form where you’ll be able to contact the Buttercups IT geeks.

When you first access the dashboard – spend some time seeing if all the information looks correct. Do the courses you’re enrolled on seem right?

This brings me on nicely to the ‘view progress’ page. Click the ‘view progress’ link to view the modules that make up the course.

You can see the status of each module by hovering your mouse over each icon. And also view other useful bits of information, such as the last date we received work for this module, any deadline dates associated with them, and when the module was recorded as complete.

Depending on the course you may also have a progress bar which indicates how far you’ve come, and how much more work is left to go!

In a small number of cases, it’s possible that some of the information on this page is out of date. If this is the case, don’t panic – we simply need to re-sync the information back onto the website. So return to the main dashboard page, click the help icon. And complete the ‘report a problem form’.

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