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Community Health and Wellbeing Worker Course March Cohort Invitation

Did you know that health inequalities, lack of measures to prevent ill-health and premature death, and inadequate access to healthcare and social care services are on the rise across communities in England?

At Buttercups Training, we believe that to overcome these barriers to quality healthcare and wellbeing, it is essential to build a workforce of trained professionals who are dedicated to driving positive change in improving the health and wellbeing of all communities across England.

Therefore, for organisations like you who want to drive positive change in the health and wellbeing of communities across England, we have developed a top-tier Level 3 Community Health and Wellbeing Worker (CHWW) Apprenticeship.

The CHWW is not role or sector-specific, and can be utilised by the NHS, private healthcare organisations, local government, voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations, community welfare organisations, and private sector organisations. If your organisation wants to make a positive difference in the health and wellbeing of your local communities, this could be the programme for you.

Read on to learn more about the CHWW apprenticeship.

The CHWW apprenticeship is accredited by the Personalised Care Institute (PCI) and the overall aim is to equip the apprentice with the skills, knowledge and confidence to engage with individuals and groups within their community, identify local health priorities and work in partnership to promote positive, lasting change. These apprentices, based across the country will help to improve the health of the nation, by making real change at a local level.

The course content is delivered through blended learning model and uses our bespoke online learning platform called the b-Hive, which enables the apprentice and their employer to track progress in real-time and provides state-of-the-art accessibility features for those who may need additional learning support.

Here is some more detailed information on the CHWW apprenticeship:

  • Level: 3
  • Duration: 12 months + 3 months for End Point Assessment
  • Levy Band: £7,000 | Non-levy employer contribution: £350
  • CHWW Course Page
  • Learning outcomes:
    • Identify and solve the physical, mental, emotional, and social, and cultural needs, gaps, and challenges of your local community to improve its health, resilience, and wellbeing.
    • Learn the determinants of public and community health and how to work with individuals, organisations and groups, and communities by offering person-centred care to enhance their health and wellbeing.
    • Increase awareness on accessibility of services and solutions to meet the healthcare and wellbeing needs of your community.
    • Learn how to manage data, information, and maintain accurate records.
    • Spearhead the prevention of ill-health, and the reduction of health inequalities in your local community.
    • Drive positive social change for the betterment of healthcare and wellbeing across communities in England through a volunteering project.

Here is a list of potential roles (but not limited to) in your organisation that could benefit from doing a CHWW apprenticeship:

Social Prescribing link Worker Community Connector Care Navigator
Health Champion Social Worker Community Outreach Worker
Mental health First Aider Support Worker Family Support Coordinator
Community Health Educator Care Coordinator Live Well Coach
Public Health Educator Peer Health Advisor Community Link Worker

Here’s why Buttercups Training could be the perfect provider for you:

  • Buttercups Training has over 35 years of experience as a training provider in the pharmacy industry. 
  • Our course content is developed by industry experts, and we have the relevant accreditation for each of our programmes. Our apprenticeships are also approved by the Salisbury Managed Procurement Services. 
  • We are also rated as a ‘Good Provider’ by Ofsted with two domains rated as ‘Outstanding’.
  • We were awarded the Midlands Enterprise Awards for ‘Pharmacy Training Provider of the Year’ and shortlisted for the C+D Awards - Training and Development Award in 2023 because of the high quality and consistent success of our training programs. 
  • No day release is required for your learners due to our blended learning model. 100% of the off-the-job training can be completed from the workplace. 

If you feel that this is the right choice of apprenticeship for you to help impact your local communities positively, then please send us an email at for further information on this apprenticeship and to learn more about your eligibility for the government funding and the enrolment process.

Please visit the Community Health and Wellbeing Worker Apprenticeship course page to enrol. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us to discuss the apprenticeship in further detail.

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