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Vaccination training for pharmacy technicians

Over the last few months there has been much discussion over the provision for pharmacy technicians to join the current healthcare professional workforce in administering Covid-19 and flu vaccines. The government consultation has been running over the last month and we expect the outcomes by the end of October 2020.


At the present time registered pharmacy technicians who have been appropriately trained can administer under the authority of a Patient Specific direction (PSD). A positive outcome from the government proposal would be that pharmacy technicians would become eligible to safely administer Covid-19 or influenza vaccines.


Buttercups have provided vaccination training over the last 5 years by pharmacists with experience in vaccination delivery in community pharmacy and this year we have trained a number of pharmacy technicians.


"I have found that Buttercups provides a professional, personable and comprehensive seasonal flu vaccination training programme. All of our Pharmacists and Technicians enjoyed the sessions immensely, and have gained in confidence as well as knowledge."

Mo Kolia – Pharmacy Superintendent – Knights Pharmacy


Further information on our training can be found HERE


References and further reading:

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