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Buttercups Training celebrates its first Pharmacy Technician Training Programme graduate

Hannah KirkHannah Kirk has completed her Pharmacy Technician Training Programme (PTTP) and registered with the GPhC, making her the first learner to complete the training for the new initial education and training standards for pharmacy technicians in the country!

This is a fantastic achievement and Buttercups Training commends Hannah on her hard work and determination over the past two years to complete the programme. Hannah has earned her well-deserved registration as a Pharmacy Technician and looks forward to the growing opportunities that welcome her in the future.

Hope Newcombe, Hannah’s tutor at Buttercups Training says, ‘It has been a privilege to help Hannah towards completion of her programme. She demonstrated true diligence and motivation throughout her programme. I wish her every success with her future career as a pharmacy professional’.

It’s also a milestone moment for Buttercups Training. Since the new IET standards were published in 2017, Buttercups Training has developed two GPhC accredited programmes, the Pharmacy Technician Training Programme (PTTP) and the Pharmacy Technician (Integrated) Apprenticeship. Teaching content within the programmes focusses on equipping learners with the skills required for the evolving role of Pharmacy Technicians. The programmes integrate practical activities to ensure learners are confident in working in the growing landscape of pharmacy practice. Buttercups Training is proud to be able to shape the future of pharmacy practice through its graduates such as Hannah.

Hannah completed her PTTP training whilst working in a prison pharmacy, where she had previously worked as a dispensing assistant for four years. Excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, Hannah spoke to Buttercups Training about how she feels about the programme and her plans as a Pharmacy Technician.

What did you enjoy most about the programme?

I enjoyed the fact that you get out what you put in. The course allowed me to self-direct my learning, which meant I could make it as interesting as I wanted. Using the tools and resources provided by the programme, I was able to research and find out information for myself, which increased my confidence and independence in problem-solving.

I particularly enjoyed the activities, especially the practical based ones such as OSCEs and patient case studies which enabled me to develop patient-facing skills that will help me in every aspect of my role and apply every day.


If you reflect on your learner journey over the past two years, can you pick out some key areas where you have developed?

Undertaking the programme over the past two years has enabled me to contribute more in the workplace, for example being able to take more of a lead role in multidisciplinary team meetings – something I would not have been able to do without the training.

I feel significantly more confident in decision-making. The training has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to answer questions, and if I don’t know the answer, I know where to find the information.


Now that your hard work has paid off and you have registered as a pharmacy technician, what are your future plans?

I have recently been offered a role as a Medicines Management Technician within the prison, which I am excited to be starting soon! I am looking forward to applying the teaching to my new role. I also want to complete my accuracy checking training and become an Accuracy Checking Technician.


What are your top tips for learners who are considering enrolling or are already on the programme

Top Tips

  • Be enthusiastic about the training
  • Know that you have so many people around you that can help
  • The training programme is what you make of it, so make the most of all the opportunities that you will encounter

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