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Introducing the Progress Alert Support System

At Buttercups, we are committed to making sure that all of our learners achieve their goals.  Of course, we are aware that sometimes learners will face obstacles whilst completing their studies and there will be times when they may need additional support.  To help us better identify when learners might need some extra encouragement, we are introducing PASS, the Progress Alert Support System.  PASS is designed to monitor progress on a consistent basis, to ensure that anybody at risk of falling behind with their course is given access to support at the earliest possible stage.

Learners identified as starting to fall behind will be contacted directly and offered support.  If progress remains slow, a follow up will be made and the training supervisor will be notified.

We will use this new system to monitor our learner population’s progress to ensure that the system has a positive effect on reducing the number of learners who are off track, and ensuring our continued exceptional timely success rate.

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