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National Apprenticeship Week - A Success Story

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, I wanted to share my own story. My name is Alex, and I work in the Funding Team here at Buttercups Training. I've completed two apprenticeships which have been incredibly beneficial to both my employer and me.

My first apprenticeship was a real opportunity to start my career. I didn't have much work experience and I finished my full-time education after completing my A-Levels. I decided that university wasn't right for me at the time, so I started looking into alternative routes. I found an apprenticeship with a local training provider and learned all of the basics of Business Administration. I completed my Level 2 qualification, Level 2 Functional Skills and gathered plenty of industry relevant experience! After completing my apprenticeship, I moved to Buttercups Training, where my first apprenticeship qualification, along with my knowledge of apprenticeships inside and out, helped me all the time.

At Buttercups Training, I completed my second apprenticeship - Level 3 Customer Service. This time, I wasn’t looking for a university alternative as the apprenticeship programme has been much more beneficial for me. I have been able to learn on the job and present examples of day-to-day tasks as part of my portfolio. I noticed that by studying a subject relevant to my job role, I gained a better understanding of many different business practices.

During both my apprenticeships, support from my mentor has been vital. As well as providing motivation, my mentor challenged and inspired me to take as much from my apprenticeships as possible.

Apprenticeships are a great opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills required for specific job roles. They are a wonderful way for people without much experience, or those looking for a change, to find a starting point for their career.

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