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Vaccination Training 2018

Despite financial setbacks and ongoing uncertainty across the sector, 2017 saw the community pharmacy network deliver over 1 million flu vaccinations within two months of the service going live. Together with the announcement that the service will be recommissioned in 2018, this is a significant achievement for the sector. With NHS and private flu vaccination services now well established (it is estimated that over 2 million Flu vaccines are administered by pharmacists each year) and growing confidence amongst pharmacists to administer vaccinations, where do we go next?

Research by Valneva UK suggests over 70 million trips abroad are made from the UK every year, but around 50% of travellers seek NO health advice before travelling. There is therefore significant opportunity for both established and new travel clinics to ensure travellers are getting the right protection and advice to keep them safe and well whilst abroad. Coupled with the fact that less than 7% of GP surgeries offer a full travel health service, it is time for pharmacists to step in and look at how this unmet need can be supported in their locality. If you are ready to consider what other vaccination services you can offer, Buttercups Training in collaboration with PharmaDoctor and Valneva UK are here to help you get started.

At Buttercups Training, our priority is to ensure you have the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver vaccinations. Our courses are aligned to the National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training for Registered Healthcare Practitioners, and are specifically tailored for Community Pharmacists.

Working in collaboration with PharmaDoctor and Valneva UK we are pleased to offer you the tools and resources to help you expand the vaccination services you already offer and identify opportunities to grow your business.



Designed for Pharmacists who are either new to delivering vaccinations or who require their two yearly face to face practical training. This training will provide you with the skills to:

  • Deliver injections via Intramuscular, Subcutaneous and Intranasal injection
  • Reconstitute vaccines
  • Administer adult & paediatric Basic Life Support (Including use of defibrillator)
  • Recognise and manage anaphylaxis
  • Use adrenaline auto injectors and draw adrenaline from an ampoule


Course Outline & Enrolment


Designed for Pharmacists who require Annual Flu Vaccination Refresher Training (as recommended by Public Health England) having completed practical vaccination training within the last 12 months. This training aims to refresh knowledge of:

  • Current issues in vaccination
  • Any changes to legislation relevant to vaccination
  • Epidemiology of vaccine preventable disease
  • Any changes to vaccine recommendation or national policy
  • Update on vaccine ordering, storage and administration
  • Injection technique (Intramuscular & Subcutaneous routes of administration)
  • Anaphylaxis recognition and management & Basic Life Support

Course Outline & Enrolment

Please get in touch at if you want to arrange on-site training for your pharmacists.

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